Tips for Finalizing a Corporate Event Planning in Singapore

Singapore has abundant opportunities when it comes to running a business successfully there. And many entrepreneurs prefer coming down to this city of dreams and fulfill theirs. But where there is business there are corporate and formal relations, which are equally important to nurture for long-term benefits. And for the very same reason, these companies […]

How to be a Good Wedding Planner?

Starting a new phase of life, a wedding brings in many new hopes, memories, and dreams. People wait for this special day all their lives to make it memorable and mesmerizing. A lot of planning and management goes into making any marriage event successful. And when it needs to be a destination wedding, a lot […]

Fine Dine and Time with Environment

The developing and the developed nations are moving towards the enhancement of the flora within the residing limits of the city. This has given prominence to rooftop gardens in Singapore as well as all over the world. Rooftop gardens are also known as living roofs or green roofs. Many buildings as well as small houses […]

…And Happily Ever After

Singapore is well known for being a developed nation and an island nation for tourism. It is attracting people from all over the world for its eye-catching and startling beauty. Most people find that natural beauty compatible with the promise they have to make to their forever partner. Therefore, Singapore has become a major wedding […]

Tips for Selecting a Corporate Retreat and Wedding Venue in Singapore

Weddings and corporate retreat are very different occasions. One is personal whereas other is informal. There are many beautiful venues available in Singapore for conducting events. The wrong selection of place can be inconvenient to the guests. You can follow these tips for the selection of the perfect location for a specific event in Singapore: […]